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00:00:34 Program's content Brief
00:02:07 Technical Brief to access the program Archives – Podcasts/Videos/Playlists
00:04:58 Richard and Karen Life Story Brief
00:12:51 Edited Video of Richard and Karen Life Story Documentary Brief

00:19:20 Review 1st TV Show (6/1968) – Cover for Song: Dancing in The street(1964)
by Ivy Jo Hunter , Marvin Gaye, Mickey Stevenson
00:21:31 Video of 1st TV Show (6/1968) – Song: Dancing in The street

00:24:53 Review Karen Carpenter as Best Drummer, Modern Drummer magazine rewards 1975
00:26:28 Video : TV Show of Karen as Excellent Drummer(1975)

00:30:09 Review : Carpenters Cover for Song Ticket To Ride By The Beatles(1965) – The 1st Album
00:33:27 Video : Carpenters Cover for Song Ticket To Ride(1969)

00:38:03 Review: Carpenters Cover for Song Close to You by Burt Bacharach and Hal David
00:42:01 Video: Carpenters Cover for Song Close to You(1970) – breakthrough hit!

00:45:51 Review : Song We've Only Just Begun(1970) Richard & Karen Carpenter Co-work with
orig. writer Paul Williams from Ads targeted song into a world wide hit.
00:50:20 Video : We've Only Just Begun (1970) – Carpenters perform in Grammy Awards(1971)

00:53:55 Review : Song Top of the World by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis (1973)
00:57:12 Video : Song Top of the World , performance at Amsterdam (1974)

01:00:14 Review : Song Sing by Joe Raposo (1973)
01:03:29 Video : Song Sing Remix on Originals (2020)

01:06:55 Review : Song Yesterday Once More by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis (1973)
01:08:55 Video : Song Yesterday Once More Remix on Originals (2019)

01:12:58 Review : Song Please Mr Postman by Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Freddie Gorman, Brian Holland and Robert Bateman(1961).
01:15:24 Video : Song Please Mr Postman – The Original Video Clip (1975)

01:18:07 Review : Song Only Yesterday(1975) by Richard Carpenter, John Bettis, Kōji Makaino
01:21:12 Video : Song Only Yesterday – The Original Video Clip (1975)

01:25:21 Review Song Solitaire(1972) by Neil Sedaka, Phil Cody
01:27:50 Video : Song Solitaire Carpenters Cover (1975)

01:32:38 Review : There's a Kind of Hush(1967) by Geof Stephen / Les Reed
01:35:06 Video : Song There's a Kind of Hush – Show Clip (1976)

01:38:19 Review : Karen Carpenter death background and death event 4-Feb-1983 and Karen's Theme story(1989-1997).
01:43:34 Video : Karen's Theme (1997)

01:46:11 Summary

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